Talent is not enough! We help our clients to develop (and therefore motivate and retain) their talent through stretch assignments, project work, individual or group coaching to provide greater organisational agility and flexibility to respond to and deliver against business strategy.

Development programmes can be delivered to individuals, groups or peer groups and are tailored to each individual client and their desired business outcomes, which should include succession planning for key roles in each business unit and team.

Development assignments do not always have to follow traditional paths, our coaches have run innovative external assignments where executives and senior managers from two non-competing corporates have taken short term high profile projects in each others business, similar to MBA course internships.

Our coaches are either experienced and well recognised HR professionals or professionally qualified and accredited coaches.

What Development Services do we offer?

  • Executive Coaching - a bespoke, one-to-one coaching assignment, used to address de-railing behaviours, develop specific skills, influence, self-awareness and/or prepare for promotion.
  • Embedded Coaching - a bespoke a dedicated coach that attends a client site for a day a week (or more) to work with up to six coachees on an individual bespoke one-to-one basis
  • Group Coaching - a coach will work with a team or group to develop better team working, communication, collaboration, influence, presentation or other general business skills
  • Mentoring - An alternative to coaching is to use external Mentors, who are typically executive level veterans and established members of the CxO club willing to share their experience and help others prepare and develop for their next career steps


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