06 June 2017 Revolutionary new Leadership Development and Organisational Diagnostic tool launched

First tool of its kind to explore the key components of leadership style within the context of an organisation

Developed based on unique leadership research from Adastrum Consulting and Kingston Business School...
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09 May 2017 The 7 deadly sins of jobseeking for senior roles

I've had another piece publishing on the theme of "The 7 deadly sins", this time in Business Grapevine – you can read the full pice Read More >

27 April 2017 We're hiring: Executive Search Consultant

Following a record breaking year, we are seeking an experienced Executive Search Consultant to help us expand our business. We deliver outstanding leadership advisory services and Executive Search across functions, industries and...
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13 April 2017 More in the seven deadly sins series

I recently shared my thoughts on appointing senior executives with the C-Suite – read more Read More >

09 February 2017 The seven deadly sins of appointing senior executives

I recently penned the following for Real Business Magazine on appointing senior executives; 

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