31 January 2018 2018: the year of the ‘chameleon’ CIO

I recently shared my thoughts on what it takes to be a CIO in 2018, read more here.

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07 December 2017 Harnessing the data revolution: Future leaders, future skill sets

In an increasingly data-centric world, I have been sharing my thoughts on the skills future leaders will need with Information Age. Read the full article Read More >

29 November 2017 Should the boss be sacked?

I recently shared my thoughts on the future of the CEO with Raconteur, for a special report out in The Times today – have a...
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28 November 2017 The new chiefs on the block

I have been continuing my article series looking at how digital and data are shaping leadership teams, this time with The C Suite.

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03 November 2017 What to look for in a Chief Data Officer – Digital Doughnut

As the role of Chief Data Officer continues to be much discussed in the media, I contributed my thoughts on the topic to Digital Doughnut

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