People leave organisations for a number of reasons but two of the most common reasons are for promotion outside of the organisation, which accounts for 50% of leavers and lack of development and career opportunities, which accounts for 37% of leavers. It clearly makes sense to address certain areas of staff retention and staff engagement as part of the wider talent management process.

Adastrum can help you achieve this by:

  • Ensuring that new starters are transitioned and coached into their new role properly and a formal on boarding process is in place with a 100 day plan.
  • Helping you identify what talent you have then ensuring that they are coached and developed appropriately with succession planning and business requirements in mind. Succession planning is about ensuring that the next line of leaders is in place, ready to take the next step when needed. Organisations that do this well benefit from increased employee direction and motivation, greater responsiveness to change and higher retention rates and better long-term effectiveness.
  • Providing you with HR expertise to design or advise on staff retention and staff engagement policies and incentives


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