Why use Psychometric Assessments?

The War for Talent as first defined by McKinsey's in 1997 is not only very real but it is intensifying and organisations that take talent seriously deliver greater share holder value and realise competitive advantage. If a high performer will generate:

  • 40% more productivity than an average performer in an Operational role
  • 49% more profit that an average performer in a managerial role and
  • 67% more revenue than an average performer in a sales role.

Why would you base a critical hiring decision or promotion decision on a gut reaction, intuition and an individuals perceived past performance and not take into account the information a relevant psychometric assessment can provide on an individuals future potential, intellect, motivation, talent, behaviours and culture fit?

What we actually assess will be dependant on the role in question but typically we would assess a candidates; 

  • Intellect - brighter people do do better,
  • Motives - their needs, desires, preferences and drivers,
  • Talents - what a their effective or good at,
  • Behaviours & values - how they are likely to behave in given work scenarios and
  • Culture fit - the environments they'll be most effectively in.

We do this by comparing their;

  • Thinking skills - the ability to create ideas, analyse problems & find solutions,
  • Influence skills - the ability to lead and communicate with others, to win them round to an idea or solution,
  • Adaptability - the ability to work through change and work with others through change and their,
  • Delivery skills - the ability to make things happen; with other Company Directors and professionals.
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