17 May 2023 The D Suite: The Ambiguity of Leadership

The unforeseen and high impact events of recent years have left the global business landscape in a state of uncertainty. In addition to these challenges, organisations are managing disruption and continuous technological evolution. This makes it...
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21 December 2022 Leadership Lessons: How to restore organisations in turmoil

In the face of damaged trust, lost direction and weakened stakeholder relations, what should leaders prioritise as they tackle struggling organisations? Read our 'leadership lessons' with CEO Today on page 26 Read More >

16 December 2022 Managing teams in periods of change

Following a year of upheaval for the UK, how should leaders navigate people and businesses through periods of uncertainty? Read our article featured by People Management Read More >

29 November 2022 The best business uses for automation

Chris Underwood comments on the reliability of AI for the HR department for Raconteur. An interesting read on the applications of automation from all business angles, read the full article...
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24 November 2022 Is AI compatible with HR?

AI is deemed as the big digital deliverer of the decade and beyond. But is this the case for the people management function? Chris Underwood's explores AI’s compatibility with HR, featured by Read More >