14 October 2021 DQ & EQ – defining leadership behaviours for digital progress

The rate of digital adoption, to the point of dependency, and the resulting speed of change in the workplace means all leaders, regardless of role or remit, require and understanding of data and digital models. It is easy to focus on the...
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08 October 2021 What does the future CTO look like?

Chris Underwood discusses the changing role and expectations of the CTO role alongside current CTOs in this interview with Silicon.co.uk. Read the full article Read More >

04 August 2021 What’s next for the CIO role?

In Technology Magazine, Chris Underwood explores what the future holds for CIOs and how the role will evolve. Read the full article Read More >

22 July 2021 DQ & EQ – Today’s leadership priorities

Following the release of our latest white paper – The D Suite: Digital, Data, Disruption and Dependency – Chris...
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22 July 2021 Talent management for disruption and digital dependency

Chris Underwood’s thoughts on the capabilities and behaviours HR teams should focus on to help organisations progress appear in HR News. Based on the findings of our latest report, Read More >