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17 May 2023 The D Suite: The Ambiguity of Leadership

The unforeseen and high impact events of recent years have left the global business landscape in a state of uncertainty. In addition to these challenges, organisations are managing disruption and continuous technological evolution. This makes it...
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29 November 2022 The best business uses for automation

Chris Underwood comments on the reliability of AI for the HR department for Raconteur. An interesting read on the applications of automation from all business angles, read the full article...
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30 August 2022 How is AI impacting both the candidate and the HR leader?

Chris Underwood discusses both perspectives of the modern day recruitment process, which is becoming progressively more automated. Read the article with AI Magazine Read More >

13 July 2022 How big a role should technology play in HR?

Technology is becoming more important in people management processes, but to what extent? Our discussion of its role in HR has been featured with People Management magazine, read...
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22 July 2021 DQ & EQ – Today’s leadership priorities

Following the release of our latest white paper – The D Suite: Digital, Data, Disruption and Dependency – Chris...
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22 July 2021 Talent management for disruption and digital dependency

Chris Underwood’s thoughts on the capabilities and behaviours HR teams should focus on to help organisations progress appear in HR News. Based on the findings of our latest report, Read More >

18 June 2021 The D Suite: Data, Digital, Disruption and Dependency

The coronavirus pandemic vastly accelerated the rate of adoption and our reliance on technology. The shift in business operations and consumer habits means almost all industries and organisations are exploiting some form of digital technology and...
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01 June 2021 The future of the CIO

In this article for Information Age, Chris Underwood explores how the CIO role has evolved and will continue to grow in influence. Read the full piece Read More >

27 April 2021 Managing people and the fourth industrial revolution

In The Economist’s Business Reporter supplement, Chris Underwood discusses how organisations must focus on HR teams and...
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07 December 2020 How to become a T-shaped employee

Chris Underwood's discusses the benefits of employees with both specialist knowledge in a single area and a broader set of skills and traits to work across multiple disciplines with IT Pro....
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16 November 2020 Should we focus on developing remote working skills?

HR News features Chris Underwood’s thoughts on whether HR teams should focus on specific remote working skills when developing leaders – take a look at the article Read More >

21 October 2020 The future of leadership post-pandemic

We share our thoughts on the skills and behaviours future leaders will need to thrive. Read the full article on Finance Digest Read More >

09 September 2020 How can leaders prepare for Automation and AI

Information Age features Chris Underwood’s article on how leaders can prepare for the organisational impact of this disruptive technology. Read more Read More >

09 September 2020 Data for transformation

We discuss how the value of data when it comes to organisational transformation in our article for Ambition, the publication for the Association of...
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20 July 2020 Nothing hits as hard as the improbable

We were delighted to be featured in issue #189 of theHRDIRECTOR publication. Enjoy reading Chris Underwood’s article on navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

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19 June 2020 Are You A Kinetic Technology Leader?

Chris Underwood is interviewed on the value of ‘kinetic’ change-oriented leadership in CIO and CTO roles for – read the full piece Read More >

05 June 2020 Redefining transformation – why we should be relaunching not returning post-lockdown

As the country went into lockdown, many organisations had to quickly adapt to new ways of working and, in some cases, implement business critical changes to keep going. While most are planning for ‘the other side’, it is difficult to...
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19 May 2020 Cultivating kindness

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, our blog on cultivating a culture of kindness has appeared on HRZone:

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15 May 2020 We are now “nicer” at work – an unexpected benefit of COVID-19

The impact of coronavirus has accelerated so much digital and organisational change and transformation; however, it is fundamentally a human crisis. As a result, one of the greatest changes to emerge is a culture of kindness, tolerance and...
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04 May 2020 CA Magazine: Never waste a crisis

Chris Underwood’s 5 lessons on coping in a crisis appear in this month’s CA Magazine for Chartered Accountants. Read More >

28 April 2020 Recruiters Share 9 Mistakes Job Seekers Are Making Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Forbes included our views on the mistakes job seekers are making amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Read the full article Read More >

15 April 2020 Never waste a crisis

COVID-19, possibly the ultimate “Black-Swan” event, is driving everyone's digital strategy, workforce enablement and the rapid adoption of new ways of working and communicating – arguably you could claim that COVID-19 has...
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06 April 2020 Leadership in the age of disruption

We discuss the leadership behaviours that will help organisations through the current pandemic in our article on Leadership in the Age of Disruption, which has appeared on Ambition, the publication for the Read More >

31 March 2020 Effective use of data: Business Reporter

Our comments on effective use of data appeared in a supplement for the Telegraph titled Project Management and Improving Business Performance. Turn to page 6 and 7 for Read More >

25 March 2020 The digital skills deficit could cost the UK £63 billion a year

It was good to see the latest white paper highlighted in the Business section of PrivSec Report and Digital Marketing Magazine. You can read more Read More >

10 March 2020 Digital skills deficit white paper

We’ve had coverage in Global Banking and Finance on our white paper, The D Suite: Digital, Data and Disruption in 2020 and beyond. You can see it Read More >

03 March 2020 The D Suite: Digital, Data and Disruption in 2020 and Beyond

According to CBI, the digital skills deficit could cost the UK as much as £63 billion a year, therefore it is vital to equip leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate business success. As part of our exploration of the...
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02 March 2020 5 Ways To Find And Retain Top Talent In The Digital Age

We’ve had an article published in Global Banking and Finance on the subject of finding and retaining talent – you can read the full article Read More >

13 November 2019 Developing leadership roles for a digital age

We had some recent coverage in Strategic HR Review on the topic of developing leadership roles for a digital age –...
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23 October 2019 Use of interim execs as a nontraditional model

We had some recent coverage in Strategic HR Review on the topic of the use of interim execs – subscribers to the journal can access the full...
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14 October 2019 Celebrating 10 years of Adastrum Consulting

Our mission has always been to support the success of our clients' businesses beyond the initial talent search, driving their business transformation through an integrated talent management approach.

Since 2009, we are proud to have worked...
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10 September 2019 Key benefits of an interim manager

Mike Fisher recently shared his thoughts on the benefits of interim managers with Global Banking & Finance...
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24 July 2019 How to secure the right interim executive?

We've recently had some coverage in HRM Guide on the subject of securing the right interim executive for your business – you can read the full article Read More >

04 July 2019 Adastrum launches new 90-day accelerator programme

We're delighted to launch our new 90-day accelerator programme, designed to help quickly drive value from new senior hires – you can read more here.

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28 November 2017 The new chiefs on the block

I have been continuing my article series looking at how digital and data are shaping leadership teams, this time with The C Suite.

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03 November 2017 What to look for in a Chief Data Officer – Digital Doughnut

As the role of Chief Data Officer continues to be much discussed in the media, I contributed my thoughts on the topic to Digital Doughnut

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