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21 December 2022 Leadership Lessons: How to restore organisations in turmoil

In the face of damaged trust, lost direction and weakened stakeholder relations, what should leaders prioritise as they tackle struggling organisations? Read our 'leadership lessons' with CEO Today on page 26 Read More >

16 December 2022 Managing teams in periods of change

Following a year of upheaval for the UK, how should leaders navigate people and businesses through periods of uncertainty? Read our article featured by People Management Read More >

14 September 2022 What is expected of leaders in the age of automation?

With Industry 4.0 upon us, managing a digital workforce requires a new set of leadership traits. Read our article with Finance Digest Read More >

02 September 2022 Will digital transformation dehumanise HR?

As business processes become more automated, could technology be taking the 'human’ out of Human Resources? Our latest article with Business Reporter questions whether the people...
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28 June 2022 AI is changing HR – should we let it?

AI is being applauded as a digital disruptor of the business world. But in reality, is it truly transforming the HR function for the better, or is such technology jeopardising the future of the workforce? Our conclusions have been featured with Read More >

28 March 2022 Can AI help HR teams tackle the Great Resignation?

Chris Underwood discusses the help and hindrance AI and automation can offer HR managers in this article for Read More >

14 February 2022 AI + HR

How can AI be used to improve HR processes? Our thoughts appear in the latest issue of Technology Magazine. Turn to page 42 for the full article Read More >

16 November 2021 Recruiting a CIO

Chris Underwood talks to The Sunday Times about what to consider when hiring a CIO. You can read the full Raconteur report Read More >

05 November 2021 The value of business travel and relocation incentives post pandemic

In this article for HRO Today, Chris Underwood discusses the future of business travel in a digital, post-Covid world. Read the full article Read More >

14 October 2021 DQ & EQ – defining leadership behaviours for digital progress

The rate of digital adoption, to the point of dependency, and the resulting speed of change in the workplace means all leaders, regardless of role or remit, require and understanding of data and digital models. It is easy to focus on the...
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04 August 2021 What’s next for the CIO role?

In Technology Magazine, Chris Underwood explores what the future holds for CIOs and how the role will evolve. Read the full article Read More >

02 July 2021 The D Suite for Informed Sharing

Business news outlet, The Informed Sharing, announces the launch of our new report Read More >

01 July 2021 Global Recruiter explores pressures on the D Suite

News of our most recent white paper, The D Suite: Digital, Data, Disruption and Dependency, has appeared in specialist recruitment...
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24 June 2021 Leadership for digital dependency

Our latest white paper has appeared in HR Director. Read the full news story Read More >

06 April 2021 The Future of Work’s diversity challenge

Chris Underwood speaks to diginomica about how hybrid and remote working could affect development of younger, less experienced staff. Read the full article Read More >

18 December 2020 What has 2020 taught us about digital transformation?

Together with Technology Magazine, Chris Underwood looks back at the lessons this year has taught us about leading digital transformation. Read the full article Read More >

09 December 2020 The evolving role of CHRO

Chris Underwood spoke to Raconteur a supplement included in The Times, about how Chief HR Officers have successfully managed organisational demands placed on them...
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04 July 2019 90-day accelerator press coverage

It was great to see Global Recruiter and HR Dive covering our new 90-day accelerator offering. Read the Global Recruiter...
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13 June 2019 Unlocking the Power of Interim Management: Coverage

We have had a great response to our recently launched white paper, with The Global Recruiter, Onrec, Read More >

10 June 2019 Unlocking the Power of Interim Management

We’re excited to launch our next white paper report, which explores how interim executives can be harnessed to effectively drive transformation. Entitled Unlocking the Power of Interim Management, the report has been created to act...
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