Leadership itself does not exist in any empty room nor independently of its application.

Our executive search results are a testament to the effectiveness of our advice: 96% of our appointments have been rated as ‘outperform’ after 12 months, 92% are still in their role after 2 years, 36% of non CxO appointments have been promoted and 100% of our searches have been completed and the shortlists delivered on time.

We’ve completed research led executive leadership mandates across the technology, digital, operations, shared service and HR functions within consumer industries, TMT organisations and professional services firms, built global leadership teams at the SVP/Partner and VP/Director level and appointed Directors and Heads of Discipline. Uniquely, we have also then built their direct, high impact teams to rapidly provide organisations with new capability or skills using the same rigorous proactive, research led approach.

We’ve also helped organisations understand ‘what good looks like’, identified skills and knowledge gaps and unbalanced teams and provided HR consulting and advice to VC backed start-ups and early stage pre-revenue firms.

Rather than provide a meaningless list of specific mandate tiles or projects, if you’d like to know more about our specific experience or to discuss any of our case studies or references then please do get in touch here.

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