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The Executive Search Firm

Appointing technology-focused Executives to Drive Change & Transformation

Cross-Disciplinary Innovation

Adastrum Consulting are executive search consultants specialising in appointing technology-focused C-Suite leaders who can drive transformation and growth in your organisation. Our executive search service is meticulously crafted to deliver top-tier talent tailored to your specific needs.

We appreciate the particular difficulties and advantages in industries needing tech-savvy leaders, linking you with seasoned and creative executives to steer your company towards enduring success is what our search firm has been built on.

Understanding Client Needs

Initial Consultation: We start by conducting thorough consultations with all stakeholders including human resources and other leaders involved in the recruitment process to understand your company’s vision, culture, and specific leadership requirements. But uniquely, we focus on the problem you're trying to overcome, not necessarily the role you are considering - aligning your executive search with the desired business outcomes. This step ensures we align our search with your strategic goals.

Executive Recruitment

Extensive Network: Leveraging our vast network of contacts across industries, we search for and identify potential candidates who are leaders in technology and innovation and could make your next great leader.

Role Definition: Collaboratively, we define the role’s key competencies, responsibilities, and success metrics to attract the right candidates.

Cross-Industry Search: By searching beyond the your industry, we uncover candidates who bring fresh, innovative approaches and have successfully navigated similar challenges in different contexts - giving you the competitive edge.

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Advanced Search Techniques: Utilising cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights, we broaden our search to include passive candidates who may not be actively seeking new opportunities but fit your needs perfectly.

Passive Candidates: Through our executive search methods allow us to identify and engage passive candidates who may not be actively seeking new opportunities but fit your needs perfectly. This broadens the talent pool and ensures we introduce the best possible candidates into the recruitment process.

Discover our Guide on

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Driving Growth Through Diversity

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Candidate Identification

Extensive Network: Leveraging our vast network of contacts across industries, we identify potential candidates who are leaders in technology and innovation.

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Rigorous Screening: Our multi-faceted screening process includes in-depth interviews, psychometric testing, and background checks to thoroughly assess candidates' skills and experience. We emphasise finding individuals who can contribute to a diverse and inclusive environment, ensuring they bring a variety of perspectives and innovative solutions to your organisation.


By prioritising these thorough assessments, we guarantee that our candidates satisfy the technical and experiential criteria while also bolstering the overall dynamism and adaptability of your team.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Behavioural Assessment: We conduct behavioural interviews to evaluate leadership styles, decision-making capabilities, and the ability to drive change in a dynamic environment through our unique leadership development and assessment program.  

Technical Evaluation: For technology-focused roles, we include technical assessments to ensure candidates possess the necessary expertise and innovative thinking required to lead your organisation.

Appointment and Integration

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After the initial executive search has been completed alongside a comprehensive evaluation, we present a shortlist of highly qualified candidates. Each candidate's detailed profile and assessment report are provided to aid in your decision-making process. These profiles include insights into their skills, experience, and how they can contribute to your organisation's goals.

Onboarding Support

Post-appointment, we offer extensive onboarding support to facilitate a smooth transition. This includes:


  • Setting Performance Benchmarks: Defining clear goals and expectations.

  • Cultural Integration: Helping the new leader acclimate to your corporate culture.

  • Coaching: Providing executive coaching to enhance leadership effectiveness.

Ongoing Follow-up

We maintain regular follow-up with both the client and the placed executive to ensure a successful and enduring match. This includes:


  • Continuous Feedback: Regular check-ins to address any concerns and ensure alignment.

  • Support and Adjustments: Offering additional support or adjustments to enhance the leader's impact and satisfaction.

  • Long-term Success: Monitoring progress to ensure the new executive meets and exceeds performance expectations.

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Adastrum Consulting is dedicated to continuous growth, enabling us to provide exceptional executive leaders through robust search and selection strategies. As an executive search firm, we relentlessly pursue top-tier talent, ensuring organizations benefit from our comprehensive approach and unwavering commitment to excellence. Discover our latest articles on executive search.

Digital, Data and Technology

In the era of digital transformation, skilled leaders with technology, product, and operations knowledge are essential to drive progress, overcome traditional barriers, and reach new heights of success. Engage Adastrum to drive your executive search.

Board, NED, Advisory, ExCo

For advancement and growth, we suggest hiring veteran senior executives skilled in company expansion, developing new market and product strategies, or with expertise in mergers and acquisitions.

Functional Expertise

Transforming the leadership of teams, (including data, digital, cyber), product, operations, HR, commercial, regulatory, risk and compliance teams. For turnaround and crisis management scenarios, we can also deliver interim senior executives.

Business Transformation 

An exceptional track record of shaping and delivering business and digital transformation mandates, delivering new organisational capabilities and significant business change programmes.

Appointment Expertise

Our executive search expertise is solely focused on leadership talent for UK companies. Our experience in appointing business leaders needed to drive change and transformation is unparalleled. Operating with the reach of a global executive search firm, our understanding of the importance of cross-industry "pollination" is what makes our appointments so impactful.

Let's discuss your future C-suite executive, Digital Transformation Director, Programme Director, Start-up Leader, Data Strategy Director, Product Strategy Leader, Head of Innovation and Architecture, or Head of GenAI Transformation.

About Adastrum Executive Search Consultants
Adastrum Consulting delivers Executive Search, Interim Management and Leadership Advisory services to businesses. We assist clients in evaluating, enhancing, hiring, and retaining the most suitable talent for their organisation, bridging the gap between People Performance and Business Performance. We call this integrated talent management.







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  • What is an Executive Search Firm?
    An executive search firm, often informally referred to as headhunting, is a specialised recruitment service. These firms are engaged by organisations to seek out and recruit highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive roles across various sectors, including public and private companies, as well as non-profit organisations. Their focus includes positions such as CEO, CTO, Head of Transformation and non-executive directors. Here’s what sets executive search firms apart: Retained Search: Unlike recruitment agencies, executive search firms work on a retained basis, committed to finding the best talent rather than settling for second best. Specialised Expertise: They understand industry nuances and market trends, tailoring their approach to meet unique client needs. Extensive Networking: Leveraging vast networks, they tap into hidden talent pools and passive candidates. Strategic Partnership: Unlike transactional agencies, they foster long-term relationships, becoming trusted advisors in talent acquisition. Discretion & Confidentiality: Operating with utmost discretion, they maintain confidentiality throughout the recruitment process.
  • What is the role of an Executive Search Consultant?
    An executive search consultant is a specialised professional who identifies, evaluates, and secures top-tier talent for senior-level, executive, or other highly specialised positions in organizations. They play a crucial role in recruiting for leadership roles by: Preparing Job Profiles: Crafting detailed job descriptions and understanding the specific requirements of the position. Headhunting Candidates: Actively seeking out potential candidates, often from competitors or related industries. Managing the Process: Facilitating communication between the hiring company and candidates throughout the hiring process. Selecting the Best Fit: Evaluating candidates’ qualifications, cultural fit, and alignment with the organisation’s goals. Ensuring Smooth Onboarding: Assisting with the transition once the candidate is hired. If you’re looking for efficient talent acquisition, an executive search consultant can be your valuable partner!
  • What is the difference between Recruitment and Executive Search?
    There are several key differences between Recruitment and Executive Search including: 1. Scope and Level: Recruitment: It covers a broad spectrum, sourcing candidates for various organisational levels, including junior positions and lower-level management. Executive Search: Focused on senior-level and executive roles, such as C-suite, President, General Manager, and Vice President. These roles involve strategic oversight within an organisation. 2. Approach: Recruitment: Often reactive, responding to job openings and relying on a contingent-based business model. Executive Search: Proactive, with a confidential and targeted search approach. It aims to identify highly skilled and experienced leaders, emphasising evaluation of executive capabilities. 3. Specialization: Recruitment: Generalised, serving all levels and industries. Executive Search: Specialised, focusing exclusively on strategic leadership roles within specific industries or business functions. In summary, while recruitment is versatile and serves most positions, executive search strategically targets top-tier talent for critical leadership roles. Organisations choose between the two based on role complexity, budget, and strategic goals.
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