What makes for a successful leader?
This question along with the topic of leadership in general is a classic “verbal grenade”, with a vast array of theories, frameworks, concepts, types, definitions and personal experiences that make for fascinating debate.

To add a new perspective we commissioned some original research into the notion of Purpose in Leadership, the results of which break new ground by looking at leadership effectiveness through the lens of prominent leaders themselves, rather than the views of aspiring leaders on which traditional models are based, and how they define success and lead in the context of the environments they work in.

Research Results and Next Steps
As a result of our research, we found that those who lead with a sense of purpose have a guiding set of personal goals and objectives. They evoke passion and commitment and unify people to operate beyond their business objectives, which further facilitates business success.
The research has formed the basis of a unique Leadership Model, with an associated Leadership Assessment and Development Programme.

Leadership Assessment and Development Programme
The assessment tool is centred on three key themes:

– Defining a leader’s sense of Purpose
– Developing a leader’s key behaviours as defined by the research: Trust, Vision, Influence, Adaptability and Fortitude
– Understanding the context of the environment they work including identifying potential barriers or facilitators to success. This explores broad areas, including culture, autonomy, pressure, creativity, diversity and data quality.

Leadership with Purpose Diagram

The initial assessment shapes the programme, which is typically delivered over a 9-12 month period. Dependent on the results, appropriate development interventions will be agreed, these usually include a mix of coaching, mentoring and shadowing.

A second assessment following the intervention stage allows for real objective measurement of the programme’s effect and identifies opportunities for further progression.

The Leadership Development programme’s core purpose is to support businesses to develop their leaders’ leadership characteristics, as defined by the successful and highly effective senior executives that contributed to the research, and apply equally to an individual or a team senior leaders.

The programme has multiple applications including:

– Preparing individuals for executive roles or promotion to their first strategic mandate
– Supporting ‘ready-now’ succession planning
– Developing the ‘high potentials’
– Supporting the ongoing professional development of leaders already in position

Markers of success vary for each business application, collaboratively we identify how best to measure positive impact on the individual, their team and the wider organisation and track effectiveness.

Successful outcomes include:

– Developed communication, influence skills and stakeholder management skills
– Increased confidence, self-belief, gravitas and deep self-awareness
– Increased Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Collective Intelligence (CQ)
– Engaged, focussed and performing teams
– Retention of key t alent
– Raised creativity and innovation
– Neutralised derailing behaviours

To learn more about the Leadership Development Programme or the Leadership Research it is based on, please get in touch with Kate Bell or Chris Underwood.

An executive sponsor described the effect of the Leadership and Development Programme as

night & day